Una Europa – Strengthening Human Capital Methodology and main findings

Proceedings of The 7th International Conference on Business, Management and Economics

Year: 2022



Una Europa – Strengthening Human Capital Methodology and main findings

Magdalena Kossowska, Jerzy Rosiński



The mapping exercise in this project was to be focused on three crucial aspects: (a) career development, with a special emphasis on young scholars and diversification of career paths; (b) performance assessment, with a focus on quality of work over quantitative results as well as the rewards & incentives framework; and (c) diversity and equality. Moreover, It has covered eight areas connected to human capital development: (1) career development, (2) performance assessment, (3) equality and diversity, (4) internal knowledge and know-how transfer, (5) team cooperation and interdisciplinarity, (6) citizen engagement, (7) business-academia cooperation, and (8) open science. Triangulation is the basis of the methodology used for this project (documentation analysis in cooperation with HR departments, survey among academics from partner universities and in person interviews with Vice-Rectors). Participants were eight Una Europa Universities in e.g., Poland, Spain, France, or Finland. This paper presents the methodology that has been applied in this international project as well as main, crucial findings.

keywords: Una Europa, Human Capital, Methodology, Triangulation, Mapping