Fintech: Controversies and Complexities around Device Size for Mobile Banking

Proceedings of The 7th International Conference on Applied Research in Management, Economics and Accounting

Year: 2023



Factors Mediating Between Smaller and Bigger Devices for Mobile Banking

Dr. Akwesi Assensoh-Kodua



The choice between a smaller device (SD) and a bigger device (BD) such as a laptop for example, for banking impacts on the concept of mobile banking (m-banking) and its success in the financial technology (FINTECH) sector. Yet, only a handful of studies have been done on the mediating controversies and complexities between these two devices. Knowledge of m-banking can be used to remind people of how the concept can curb overcrowding in the banking hall, and how it offers other benefits. These notwithstanding, studies show that this new revolution of m-banking regarding has not reverberated well enough among banking clients. One of the reasons, is the impact of the size between the m-device types and their functionalities. Unfortunately, studies on these impacts have been ignored by the research community. This paper, was meant to: (i) identify the functionalities and (ii) technological factors mediating between SD and BD. A quantitative test of over 1000 users of m-banking, enabled by the Partial Least Squared-Structural Equation Modelling (PLS-SEM) confirmed that users have preferences over SD and BD devices. The first (i) results which participants gave for preferring SD over BD were identified as: portability (easy to carry around), weight, and ease of use. The outcome which participants gave for preferring BD were:  larger screen and better resolution, easy to key in data than with smaller devices, comfortability, durability of power, and technological functionality. For the second (ii) investigation, which looked at technological impact, the participants mentioned that: trust in technology, system quality and satisfaction played a concrete role in m-banking continuance intension and usage in the Fintech industry. The paper concludes that, banks can use these outcomes to increase m-banking acceptance and usage behaviour when they pay attention.

keywords: Actual usage, BD, IPMA, mobile (m), m-banking, m-device, m-phone, SD