Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Violent Crime in Washington, DC

Proceedings of the 7th International Academic Conference on Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2023



Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Violent Crime in Washington, DC

Pallavi Roe




Violent crime is a significant public safety concern in urban areas across the United States, and Washington, DC, is no exception. This research discusses the prevalence and types of crime, particularly violent crime, in Washington, DC, along with the factors contributing to the high rate of violent crime in the city, including poverty, inequality, access to guns, and racial disparities. The organizations working towards ensuring safety in neighborhoods are also listed. The proposal to perform spatial and temporal analysis on violent crime and the use of guns in crime analysis is presented to identify patterns and trends to inform evidence-based interventions to reduce violent crime and improve public safety in Washington, DC. The stakeholders for crime analysis are also discussed, including law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, judges, policymakers, and the public. The anticipated result of the spatial and temporal analysis is to provide stakeholders with valuable information to make informed decisions about preventing and responding to violent crimes.

keywords: Crime Analysis, Spatial Analysis, Temporal Analysis, Violent Crime