The Study of Involvement Chinese Canadians in Elections Over the Past Two Decades

Proceedings of the 7th International Academic Conference on Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2023



The Study of Involvement Chinese Canadians in Elections Over the Past Two Decades

Eugene Chan




Chinese in Canada have always been active, beginning long before they were granted citizenship or the right to vote since 1947. Chinese Canadian in politics improved its awareness and enthusiasm by involved in politics at various levels today. However, the Chinese Canadian participation also facing problems; these problems restrict the political participation and development for Chinese Canadian. In this paper, from a historical perspective, to study the evolution of Canadian Chinese in politics participation from 1990s to now, by sorting out the Canada-China relations changed and motivation of Chinese Canadian active in politics strictly. The practical problems faced by Chinese Canadian political situation analysis, and possible solutions. While the 2007 Markham-Unionville riding Ontario provincial by-election was described as the significant change in Chinese Canadian politician served as a Cabinet Member encourage more Chinese Canadian participated into politics. It had reflected on 2011 Federal Election and 2014 Toronto’s Mayoral and Municipal elections which had chosen to describe in this paper as cases analysis. It was the breakthrough point of political reality, to interpret the current Canadian political system, analyzes the favorable and unfavorable factors of Chinese Canadian politics. Then, find out the direction and trend of the development of the whole effort in Chinese Canadian participation need in the future.

keywords: Canada, Chinese politics, electoral system, the ability to participate in politics, political participation consciousness