The Dying Cultural Tradition of Kankanaey in Cordillera, Philippines

Proceedings of the 7th International Academic Conference on Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2023



The Dying Cultural Tradition of Kankanaey in Cordillera, Philippines

Charie Marcelo-Padua




Kankanaey is one of the major ethno-linguistic indigenous people in the western mountain province, Benguet and the City of Baguio that belongs to the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR). The group of Kankanaey live on their superstitious beliefs and rituals to drive away evil spirits from their family, bring good fortune to the newly-weds, and cure sterility. Since this ethnic group is agriculturist and planters, various cultural traditions are carefully observed. When the rice seedlings, for instance, are ready for planting the community has to rest for one day called “padog”, another “tengaw” or rest day will take place after the harvest season called “bol-long” as thanksgiving for crop gathering. Such cultural tradition among Kankanaey young generation is about to fade because values and customs may no longer significant in the advent of nanotechnology. Gradual shifting of ed educational preparations and employment focus for Kankanaey residing in the cities and staying overseas are inevitable. The study aimed to itemize the dying cultural tradition of Kankanaey. The methods that applied in the study is descriptive through observation, immersion with Kankanaey, random interview, case study in order to acquire the holistic output. The result of the study is the basis for a new guideline to sustain the fading cultural tradition of the Kankanaey.

keywords: Dying culture, Tradition, Kankanaey, Cordillera, Philippines