The Role of the United States of America in regional competition between China and Japan(1990-2020)

Proceedings of The 7th International Academic Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences

Year: 2022



The Role of the United States of America in regional competition between China and Japan(1990-2020)

Fatemeh Name Jafari and Prof .Dr .Seyed Ahmad Fatemi Nezhad



The purpose of this paper is to go over to the United States’ strategy for protecting its interests in East Asian region through balancing the regional power, United States’ role in regional competitions of ChinaJapan and to evaluating the strength of China-Japan’s power in the Asia-Pacific region plus relations between the two above mentioned countries.

This study will show that the United States provides the region’s stability and prevent outburst of regional hegemony through creating balance between major regional powers such as China and Japan. This study claims that the military-security, political-diplomatic and economic-technological efforts of the United States in East Asia helped in moderating the regional competition between China and Japan. The study is drawn up into four sections, consisting of a proposal, a theoretical framework, regional competition between China and Japan, and especially the role of the United States’ policies in moderating the competition between the two countries. In conclusion, according to the foreign polices of the United States, the approach “Balancing the Power”, is practiced as a theoretical framework for evaluating the approved policies, which are based on realism and Hans Morgenthau’s ideas.

This study, benefiting the international valid resources, deals with evaluation and analyzing of the data, ideas transmission, and complicated data through explanatory method. Furthermore, the theories of International Relations’ experts and theorists are also reflected in this study. There for it presents important results for the respected readers.

keywords: Balance of power, America, Regional competition, China, Japan.