Fox and Blox: A Gamification Platform to Enhance the Learning Process at Schools

Proceedings of the 7th International Academic Conference on Education

Year: 2023



Fox and Blox: A Gamification Platform to Enhance the Learning Process at Schools

Ali Abdallah, David Semaan




As technology advances rapidly, students acquire digital and technical skills across a variety of technologies. Rapid and immersive changes in technology have a direct impact on how students think and analyze their lessons and homework. Online courses are growing in popularity due to their flexibility and availability, allowing teachers and students to offer flexible schedules and take advantage of advances in online technology to engage students in virtual classes. One of the challenges of online teaching methods is keeping students informed and ensuring that they do not lose interest in the lesson. Gamification enables the use of games in education, allowing students to have fun while completing homework and assessments. Games began to take place in the educational system. Teachers started reviewing their teaching methods and converting them into interactive games that students could play, learn, and have fun with. In this work, we focus on the concept of gamification, by creating a 3D experience that mimics a teacher’s lecture, and create a real experience that includes the explained material, to bring students into the magic of the 3D world. We try to introduce a 3D gaming platform that aims to immerse students in the magic of a virtual 3D world and let them play and learn. This study focuses on schools’ rules and regulations and delivers education, ethics, and fun in an imaginative 3D experience text. This work attempts to address the issue of students avoiding homework and assignments. We try to provide a 3D virtual environment where students can interact and do assignments and homework inside 3D games for greater engagement. We attempt to answer the following question: Which instructional strategies work best to maintain students’ complete engagement with the material being studied?. The impact of the games on the students’ learning progress is measured by data gathering analysis techniques based on the students’ performance in the games.

keywords: Gamification, 3D Games, Education, Roblox, LUA