How Has Socialising Been Affected in University Students

Proceedings of the 7th International Academic Conference on Education

Year: 2023



How Has Socialising Been Affected in University Students

Tingru Wei




Considerable attention has been devoted to understanding the impact of socializing on individuals, as it has been shown to reduce loneliness and enhance happiness. While previous studies have examined various factors influencing socializing individually, limited research exists, particularly among university students, that comprehensively assesses the collective influence of multiple aspects and explores potential links between them. This study primarily investigates the contributing factors to socializing among undergraduate students. The participants included 19 individuals enrolled in the psychology with education course at University College London (UCL). The research question was explored through semi-structured interviews. The results identified four key factors: cultural background, academic pressure, personality, and social media. Notably, academic pressure was found to impact personality among other factors. Given the limitations of the sample, future studies are recommended to include a more diverse and gender-balanced sample.

keywords: Academic pressure, cultural background, interview, social media, socialising