A Techno-Economic Comperative Study for Wood and Other Building Materials in Terms of Energy Efficiency

Proceedings of ‏The 6th International Conference on Modern Approaches in Science, Technology & Engineering

Year: 2020

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/6th.steconf.2020.09.203

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A Techno-Economic Comparative Study for Wood and Other Building Materials in Terms of Energy Efficiency

I.Cengiz Yilmaz,and Deniz Yilmaz



In order to provide thermal comfort conditions, indoor temperature and humidity values must meet certain standards. The energy consumed must also be considered in order to provide these standard values. One of the most important parameters to provide thermal comfort conditions with as minimum energy consumption as possible is the properties of the building material. Wooden, stone, and masonry which are the main building materials of old Turkish buildings, have an important place in this respect. In this study, a comparison of wooden, stone, and masonry structures, which have almost the same properties and in the same region, were compared in terms of energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. During the summer and winter seasons, temperature, and moisture content of the external and internal surfaces of the building and the heat transfer coefficients of the materials were measured. Also, indoor, and outdoor temperature and humidity data are collected to determine the energy efficiency of the buildings. Besides, seasonal energy consumption of the building was read from the electricity and natural gas meters.

Keywords: building cost assessment, energy efficiency, heat transfer, sustainability, wooden structures.