Online Learning in Ifugao State University: Students’ Perspectives

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Research in Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Online Learning in Ifugao State University: Students’ Perspectives

Dr. John Pagaddut, CJ Kirsten Pagaddut Amomoy



Online learning becomes the global and local academic strategy towards educational continuity, providing significant benefits; however, proffering substantial challenges. Using a researcher-crafted questionnaire that was electronically administered among students in Ifugao State University, Lagawe Campus, this study determined that online learning affords these students to learn at their own space and schedule, providing them some extent of convenience while attending to other concerns. However, they cannot efficiently express themselves and cannot effectively interact with their learning socials. Hence, these learners cannot optimally interrelate with their teachers and co-learners due to physical distances and technical difficulties. They cannot productively accomplish their learning tasks and cannot proficiently achieve their learning outcomes, due to the limitations of online learning, and of their corresponding circumstances. This study also determined that learners hardly secure the necessary provisions to capably and commendably undertake online learning. They hardly provide the needed financial and technological resources while hardly accessing the internet; hence, they barely optimize their communication and collaboration causing them to hardly fathom instruction and to hardly contain information. They experience health risks that intensely influence their physical, mental and emotional conditions. This study then recommends that the students should capably control their resources, optimizing those present while addressing those absent by exploring support opportunities from which they can source out supplementary provisions to remain academically resilient and relevant. The university, in partnership with its stakeholders, should reinforce its efforts to adequately and appropriately afford the online learning requirements, complementary to the onsite instruction, towards educational sustainability.

keywords: Benefits, Challenges, Online Learning, Education, Ifugao State University