Systematizing Basic Digital Competencies Requirements for Teachers in The 21st Century

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Research in Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Systematizing Basic Digital Competencies Requirements for Teachers in The 21st Century

Belkais Kebir



The ongoing digitalization of society presents schools worldwide with new challenges of equipping children and young people with digital skills. Digitally competent teachers are the most crucial prerequisite for the sensible use of digital media in the classroom. However, how well prepared are teachers in this area? Digital competency is considered an essential 21st Century skill. Consequently, it is comprehensible that such consideration has engrossed teachers’ role in helping students achieve the applicable digital competencies in recent decades. This, in turn, has directed the spotlight on teachers’ (both in-service and pre-service) readiness to meet these expectations and the prerequisite to addressing digital competencies in teacher education. However, competence descriptions in (inter)national models can still be seen as needing improvement with regard to the consideration of specific subject disciplines. This article highlights the indistinctness of the term “competency” through a systematic review of (inter)national publications. It will also demonstrate an overview of the development paths of digital transformation in the educational sector of Germany. These paths will in turn, serve as a standardizing orientation for the «digital competencies» of teachers. Moreover, a conceptual digital competency framework for teachers will be suggested based on thematic content analysis. This will make it particularly clear that digital competencies are not only about having skills in dealing with digital resources but also about having the appropriate skills for designing digital media in teaching and at different school levels.

keywords: education, digitally, competent, digital framework, 21st century, digital skills