High School Chemolympics: An Inside Look

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Research in Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



High School Chemolympics: An Inside Look

Garcia-Sanchez Luis Carlos, Pinilla-Gonzalez Jairo Ricardo



High school students from different schools in Bogotá, Colombia are evaluated on fundamental topics for admission to higher education careers that are related to chemistry. Volunteers from grades seven to eleven participate. The results show that the subject intermolecular forces and the development of critical thinking are those that deserve more attention, and reinforcement, by teachers. The evaluation methodology includes open questions. One particularity is that the rubric allows the evaluation of the same knowledge or skill in different contexts. The results are presented by means of individual diagrams, for all the participants. Achievements are displayed in chromatic form. The assessment of each set of answers is carried out by two teachers in training and a tenured teacher. The feedback makes it possible to detect areas in which it is necessary to offer refresher courses for teachers. In the same way, it allows adjusting the institutional policies regarding the curriculum.

keywords: open question, rubric, school, single diagram, teaching update