Problems Encountered in the Assessment of Architecture Design Studio

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Research in Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Problems Encountered in the Assessment of Architecture Design Studio

Rahma M. Doheim



Design studio is the core course in architecture education, it is the pot where all complementary courses’ knowledge is integrated and implemented. It is the course where students and instructors spend a long time together to develop students’ design skills and get them ready for architectural professional practice. Hence, this studio-based educating system requires great attention to the assessment process. The teaching and learning of the design studio are crucially influenced by the assessment process, in which the quality of assessment affects the students’ learning experience significantly. The assessment of design studio projects in Architecture education has always been a dilemma for faculty and jurors due to its challenging subjective nature. Many of the problems associated with assessment in design studios have been discussed in publications over thirty years ago, and yet we still struggle with the same problems with no action taken. This research aims to identify the problems encountered in the assessment process of Architecture design studios and discusses the student-centered teaching, the main assessment and evaluation tool within studio setting. The findings identify 13 problems encountered with the assessment process, of which were classified under three main categories. Also, the student-centered teaching approach is recommended for successful assessment and evaluation.

keywords: assessment criteria; evaluation; pedagogy; self-assessment; student-centered