Integration of standards for successful project management

Proceedings of ‏The 6th International Conference on Opportunities and Challenges in Management, Economics, and Accounting

Year: 2020


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Integration of standards for successful project management

Andrés Felipe Álvarez Sanabria, Diego Eduardo Jiménez Roa, Jorge Andrés Sarmiento Rojas



The projects from their origin have sought to response to a particular need or problem, this is how through the time the human being has had to develop different techniques which allow him to elaborate good practices to the project management. In addition to the above, this has led to the fact that today there are multiple international standards applied to project management, which sometimes, these standards diverge in the way they initiate, plan, execute, control and finalize the projects, but they converge in the search for their success. The present paper, makes a comparison of four of the most used standards around the world as the PMBOK, ISO 21500, APMBOK, and Prince 2, in order to evaluate the performance of each one of those standards and consequently, to illustrate the common features which applied to reality facilitate the success in project management.

Keywords: Knowledge areas; Manager; Process groups; Stakeholders; Traditional Methodology.