New business without evil. Vision of metamodernism, after-metamodernism.

Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Modern Approach in Humanities.

Year: 2018 | Page No:81-83


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New business without evil.Vision of metamodernism, after-metamodernism

Viktoriia Managarova



For the first time «new optimism» is viewed through the prism of post-irony situation (metamodernism) for sake of a new business with a «sincere face» (after-metamodernism) without elements of moral coercion and exploitation.The vision «after-metamodernism» is developing by the author of the thesis since 2015, spreading the main law of «shades of good» in professional activity.In 2015-2016 author designed unique individual programs for the top managers of Ukrainian companies «Agrobonus» (Lyudmila Vasilenko), «Human Transparency Innovations» (Alexander Matyushok).The key business cases («Plastic emotion’s correction; New non-irony public face; Business sincerity; The soft leadership (private conversation); «An effect «The Comforter» (public (political) communication) were enbed by the leaders of companies into their professional environments without destructive dominants. The action was organized to form new business spaces without evil, aiming to support the vision of The Diamond Age.Some elements of cooperating with the companies were published also on the author’s site

Key words: post-irony, metamodernism, after-metamodernism, new sincerity, new optimism, life without evil, shades of good, the diamond age.