Solar Power Plants and Their Impact on Macroeconomics

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Research in Management and Economics

Year: 2022



Solar Power Plants and Their Impact on Macroeconomics

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Rabeizadeh, Masoumeh Eskandari Kandsar, Abbas Rabiezadeh



Solar energy is one of the sources of free and clean energy supply and far from harmful effects on the environment. Recent energy crises in the world have increased attention to renewable energy. In the meantime, it can be said that solar energy is one of the most suitable alternatives to fossil fuels, one of the applications of which is the production of electricity through the conversion of radiation into electrical energy using photovoltaic panels. The purpose of applied research and evaluation and research method is descriptive-correlation. Using library and internet studies and cover studies in the form of library and field studies, an attempt has been made to reduce the impact of replacing solar renewable energy with fossil fuels by installing solar panels and building large solar power plants in vulnerable locations.  Examine radiation and then a proposal for the export of this clean energy, which with high profitability and high cost can replace oil exports in the future, this will have a profound impact on the country’s macro-economy.

keywords: Solar power station, Macroeconomics, Energy economic, Renewable energy, Solar electricity energy, Photovoltaic system.