Innovative Methods of Teaching Literary Education

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Research in Humanities and Social Sciences

Year: 2022



Innovative Methods of Teaching Literary Education

Milan Mašát, Lenka Nosková



In the article, we present an innovative concept of teaching literature in the Czech Republic. First, we introduce the context of Czech didactics of literature, the development of the discipline as it is relatively new. We summarize the arguments for the innovative concept of teaching literature that is grounded in constructivism, student-centred teaching approach and the development of reading literacy. There are three key elements of this concept that should be equally present in literature classes – reading texts, learning facts and creation. The teaching approach of innovative concept is student-centred. The aim of literature classes which is to provide a space for individual reading experience and creative expression. We explain these terms in a context traditional teaching approach in literature classes. We also present a number of innovative methods of literature instruction mainly for lower-secondary schools (ISCED 2). These methods are designed to develop reading literacy in a broader way: to develop understanding of artistic texts and comprehension (cognitive), critical thinking and understanding of relationships and human experience (affective) which is exclusively present in artistic texts. This understanding of reading literacy is common in Czech education. These methods include key three elements of literature classes and take into consideration a student as an individual who is being educated cognitively and affectively.

keywords: innovative teaching methods, teaching literature, reading, creativity.