Post Covid-19 Mathematics Education Challenge

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Research in Education

Year: 2023



Post Covid-19 Mathematics Education Challenge

Mujo Mesanovic




We emerge out of largest pandemic with success, however the question that we should raise is “what happen in mathematical educational sector during pandemic and what is the aftermath affect?” In this mixed method research we are trying to figure out factors influencing students learning during pandemic and compering them with regular face to face classes after the pandemic. In addition, we examined the challenges the students faced in learning mathematics during the COVID-19 pandemic and foreseeing what impact those challenges have on the post pandemic mathematics education. The participant in the research were randomly selected students from American University of Sharjah who were enrolled in mathematics classes during pandemic in the online setting and post pandemic in face to face mathematics classes. Our qualitative data shows that students faced some technological, personal, as well as pedagogical issues during pandemic and we compare them with post-pandemic issues. In conclusion, we compared students achievements (grades in mathematics classes) during pandemic with similar achieves in post pandemic environment. We obtained interesting results.

keywords: Mathematical education, online classes, COVID-19, post COVID19