Sustainable Marketing Development for Tourism: Creative Tourism Villages Along West Coast Tourism Area of Thailand

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Research in Business, Management and Finance

Year: 2023



Sustainable Marketing Development for Tourism: Creative Tourism Villages Along West Coast Tourism Area of Thailand

Prasopchai Pasunon, Thirawat Chantuk, Jittapon Chumkate




This study is the lesson learned from sustainable marketing development for tourism: creative tourism villages along with west coast tourism area with the purpose to create tourism activities that connects to the tourism route, planning for tourism activities and define development pattern through tourist’s support plans and develop the tourism routes for each area by using participatory action research (PAR) with locals. It is found that each community has its own advantages and community identity but still lack of fabrication to create tourist attraction. From the location survey, each village has its own advantages and difference which means; 1st group area has the area variation including seaside and mountains as well as the natural resources, the outstanding of food is caused by using the villages famous crops to create recipes such as pineapples and Thai clover leaf and seafood. For 2nd group, there is an area variation as well, but the difference is, the city that connects into the sea and this area is recognized as one of the largest dessert maker villages in Thailand, most of community local’s occupation is making desserts for gift and souvenir shops in tourist attractions. And, when considering the 3rd group, it has the unique area for muddy sea with natural resources abundance for marine life and it is also the great shrimp fishing spot, the activity “community blue crab bank” is held in order to recover the number of blue crabs in Thai sea, and the largest spot for blood clam and razor clam in Thailand.  From the outstanding characteristic of each area, researchers had analyzed and created the signature tourism activities of each area in 3 ways as follows; 1) “Signature dish” – for tourists to taste local food, 2) “Signature destination” – great activities for tourists to experience the attraction and capture the moment of memories, and 3) “Signature product” – for tourists to shop for local products as the souvenir gifts. From the community potential, researcher had concluded the community uniqueness through symbolic communication as the villages slogans, mascots and quotes then planned for the development scheme of tourism route and tourist attraction landscaping including provided local tourism calendar, touring program, guidebook, and also the tourists support plans that reflect the community for marketing development for tourism: creative tourism villages that followed the government policy which focused on strengthen the economy and sustainable competitive with the operational practices as follows; fundamental economy development, providing occupation and employment opportunities, supporting community enterprises, and also encouraging community tourism that connects the tourisms in each area along with agricultural products value addition and support modern market.

keywords: Sustainability, Marketing Development, Creative Tourism Villages