Study of Sustainable Model in Processed Banana Business of Community Enterprises in Western Thailand

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Research in Business, Management and Finance

Year: 2023



Study of Sustainable Model in Processed Banana Business of Community Enterprises in Western Thailand

Jittapon Chumkate




The article was conducted to study the successful and sustainable model of the processed banana product business, and to study the characteristics and wisdom of community enterprises. This qualitative research applied documentary research in context related to community enterprises. Using semi-structured interview questions with community enterprise members in the western region of Thailand such as Ratchaburi and Phetchaburi province since it is an area with potential for cultivation and there are quite community enterprise groups comparing with other regions. The successful model of the processed banana business has systematic operations, analyzing the internal and external problems of the community. They have operational planning, support savings, accounting, and provide welfare to support the members. The community enterprises persuade new members in a community to learn about group activities in accordance with the sufficiency economy philosophy. One characteristic of the community enterprises is to help those who suffer from poverty in the community and want to have a stable career. This makes the members have the real intention to join. The activities of the community enterprise can be divided into 2 parts which are production and service as a learning source that supports study visits. They also promote agricultural tourism in the area to be known to outsiders. In addition, scientific innovations have been adopted in the packaging process to increase physical value. Creative thinking becomes an essential to analyze problems and a solution is adopted to suit the situation such as designing and developing processed banana products, public relations about the community to create awareness. These things help to work efficiently, create a competitive advantage, and help reduce production losses. In addition, as community enterprises have concepts that do not rely on technology from the outset, they don’t learn from textbooks but practice from real situations. The results are adapted to be innovations that help solve problems quickly. Sometimes they may not follow the prescribed steps, but they choose to act from reallife situations that are constantly changing.

keywords: Sustainability, Management, Community Enterprise