Game-Based Learning and Interactive Educational Games for Learners – An Educational Paradigm from Greece

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Modern Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2022



Game-Based Learning and Interactive Educational Games for Learners – An Educational Paradigm from Greece

Serafeim A. Triantafyllou



Digital Game-based learning (DGBL) is an innovative concept that indicates how videogames can be used efficiently in the classroom for the benefit of learners. In the Greek educational system, post-gymnasium vocational education and training, level three – (3), is provided by the Vocational Training Schools and the Vocational Apprenticeship Schools of the Manpower Employment Organisation. This paper is a descriptive literature review with the basic aim to synthesize research and findings on the content of Digital Game-based learning and its potential to strengthen learners’ motivation for learning. In addition, specifically chosen case studies of videogames are described, and in particular, Minecraft: Education Edition, and Tux Racer videogame platforms are examined in detail, to give answers on how they can become part of a meaningful and fun learning process with direct implementation to vocational education and training in the upcoming years. The selection of the following described three case studies was done with aim to describe videogames that were used in everyday teaching practice inside a classroom.  Furthermore, game balancing is a very important mechanism in game design, and it is used to make games more enjoyable and engaging for users. Minecraft Education Edition is the most suitable edition for using Minecraft as an educational tool, and there are various lessons and kits for teachers and students to learn by having fun. courses are also designed with aim to motivate the active participation of students in the learning process. Tux Racer is a kart racing game where items are rewarded to the player-learner in the form of gift boxes and this game feature makes the game fun and enjoyable. From the findings, it is apparent that Minecraft: Education Edition, and Tux Racer can help learners to learn because they are fun, engaging and involve interaction with a user interface.

Keywords: game-based learning, educational games, game balancing