DEXPERIENT: Mobile Application for Solidarity Actions Focused on Providing Life Experiences for People with Disabilities

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Modern Approaches in Humanities and Social sciences

Year: 2023



DEXPERIENT: Mobile Application for Solidarity Actions Focused on Providing Life Experiences for People with Disabilities

Barbara C. Pires, Kleuber A. M. Martins, Anna Z. F. Micheletti, Bruna P. Vilaça, Gabriela C. A. Vale, Gabriela C. Libanio, Lorena A. da Silva, Maria C. A. de Sá, Lígia B. Patto, Luciana C. Tanure, Rafaela R. Rocha, Carolina C. de M. Barcelos, Mariana G. de Melo, Aline P. F. Bambirra, Lorraynne N. O. da Silva, Daniel P. da Costa Filho, Juliana C. Machado, Fernanda M. Ricaldoni, Gabriella R. Ignatos, Anna C. A. de A. Braga, Júlia T. A. de Moura, Larissa M. C. M. Nunes, Fernando R. Dias, Fernanda C. S. Oliveira, Sophia M. G. de Castro, Rafaela T. Pinho, Vitor G. S. Porto, Mathews M. F. M. Gonçalves, Alexandre de C. Brommonschenkel, Ana Theresa S. R. Borges, Gustavo L. A. Cruz,  Braulio R. G. M. Couto, Maria C. C. de Almeida, Flávio H. B. de Souza, Ricardo Cabral Santiago




It is assumed that people with disabilities, along with the entire population, have the right to enjoy their full and effective participation in society. Therefore, the understanding of disability has become a social phenomenon, with its physical, sensory, and/or intellectual restrictions being present in discussions worldwide with the objective of seeking the total inclusion of these individuals in society. A project was developed regarding the generation of an application offering and searching for experiences: DEXPERIENT. The mobile solution is intended for people with some degree of disability to be able to access through location and filters concerning various opportunities for gastronomy, and art, among other forms of accessibility, with respect to their restrictions. Projections from tools that optimize the definition and creation of projects, such as canvas and flowcharts, with subsequent implementation as mobile application prototype. As a result, a platform was developed capable of connecting doctors, people with disabilities, and volunteers who offer such experiences with location via GPS. It was concluded that the developed application is an inclusion program that aims to benefit people with some type of disability within the psychosocial scope.

keywords: Mobile Applications, People with Disabilities, Life Experiences