The Spanish Language in the U.S.

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Modern Approaches in Humanities and Social sciences

Year: 2023



The Spanish Language in the U.S.

Ariadne de Villa




This paper focuses on current qualitative and quantitative research in the area of the Spanish language in the United States. Statistics point out that by the year 2050, the United States of America will surpass Mexico in being the country with the greatest population of Spanish-speakers, by becoming the first country with the most speakers of this language in the entire world. This data is relevant whether immigration from Spanishspeaking countries continues or not. The Nielsen Report is a clear proof of how business, education, and other aspects of society are changing to personalize the demand of Hispanic and Latino corporations, having as a result an increase of the Spanish language in the labor force. Furthermore, the often-polemic subject of Spanish of the United States will be addressed as well as strategies of how Spanish (or any other heritage language) can be encouraged and taught inside and outside the classroom, serving this way as an educational tool to promote diversity and erase stereotypes.

keywords:  Spanish in the U.S., Foreign language acquisition, bilingual-bicultural education