Engineering Teaching Techniques and Experience In The Midst Of Covid-19

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Future of Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Engineering Teaching Techniques and Experience In The Midst Of Covid-19

Ka Wai Eric Cheng



The Covid-19 pandemic has imposed pressure on academic teaching and learning. Conventional teaching methods have to be adjusted in order to meet the new environment. During the last three of learning, online teaching has become one of the main methods of delivering lectures. This paper details a list of skills and methods that would improve the online teaching and learning experience and should therefore be used. The culture of teaching and learning has been modified by the pandemic, and the teaching, learning and assessment have been substantially reformed. The assessment of students and teacher feedback are important issues, and they are described in detail. The methods used in teaching and the student’s performances in the final grades are compared. It is found that the proposed method of teaching and assessment for online teaching did not impose any major drawbacks or deteriorate the learning outcome. It seems that after three years of the pandemic, both students and instructors have adapted to the new method of online teaching, and the teaching method, assessment, and mentality have been adopted to the online system,

Keywords: Covid-19, Learning from Home, Engineering, Distance interactive learning, Online teaching.