Green Human Resource Management: The Path To Corporate Environmental Performance

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Business, Management and Economics

Year: 2022



Green Human Resource Management: The Path To Corporate Environmental Performance

Dr. Prasad Siba Borah (Ph.D.), Benard Korankye



As an emerging phenomenon, green human resource management (Green HRM or GHRM) means human resource management practices that enhance favorable environmental outcomes. Green HRM has become a widely accepted concept in today’s business world. The growing concern for the environment worldwide and the determination of international standards and protocols for the management of the environment have established the need for companies to adopt environmental policies and programs. The organizational setting is shifting its sight from a traditional structure to a modern capacity-based system that is expected to explore green facets of business as the corporate world is going global. With this emerging concept, it has been observed that the extant literature has to be extended further from the HRM functions perspective. The objective of this review is to explore the association between GHRM and corporate environmental performance, highlight some GHRM practices, and the relevance of GHRM to organizations. The research followed the archival approach of the literature review. The contribution of this research lies in drawing together the extant literature in this regard; highlighting the different GHRM practices; suggesting some GHRM practices and in the end attempting to highlight some importance to organizations.

keywords: Green human resource management, corporate environmental performance .