Revolutionising Education through Ai Technologies: Literature Review

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Advanced Research in Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Revolutionising Education through Ai Technologies: Literature Review

Benabid Bilal, El Ouadi Abdelmajid, Chbani Sadki Noura



With the development of technology, the educational system has also advanced, and teachers are now employing a variety of strategies to raise student performance.
Among these strategies, personalised learning remains a path that arouses a lot of curiosity. Several didactic, pedagogical and andragogical approaches are based on this principle, by putting the apprentice at the center of the learning equation, by adapting to his profile, his specificities and his cognitive functioning.
Thus, the implementation of these methodologies could be done informally or formally, whether on the basis of computer programs or not.
The paper uses a secondary research approach to analyse the impact of adaptive learning on raising students’ performance. Its goal is to comprehend how artificial intelligence is assisting in enhancing students’ knowledge.
According to the report, instructors may now provide pupils a personalised learning experience thanks to AI-driven tools and methods. Additionally, for improved student learning, AI-driven tools and methodologies can be applied at any level of education.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, Teaching, Personalised learning, Machine learning, Deep learning.