An Inquiry into The Psychic Dimensions of Digital: Consuming, Judgement, Affects and Awareness

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Advanced Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2023



An Inquiry into The Psychic Dimensions of Digital: Consuming, Judgement, Affects and Awareness

Claudia Landolfi





According to anthropology, humanity is not a “substance” but a process of permanent transformation of its features and potentialities. Digital wireless technology is a relevant and, at the same time, dangerous ally for the metamorphosis of humans and their natural and social environment. Indeed, new technology requires a co-creation of online activities and meanings as well as an active and deep involvement of users in everyday life. Such phenomenon can be defined as a ‘process of subjectivation’ since it is based on mediated interaction which produces a modification of that same individual. AI, therefore, provides a subjectivity shaping which implies several psychic dimensions such as consumption, judgement and affection. This work mainly focuses on the subjective implications of human-digital interaction in terms of the transformation of the way humans perceive and conceive their lives. In particular, does a digitally mediated environment guarantee a subjects’ awareness?

The work is conducted by interweaving interdisciplinary concepts and methodology to highlight the psychic emergence in the digital world and the processes of subjectivation determined by the constant online activity which is enriched by subjective, affective and cognitive human potentialities. Concepts such as consumption, judgment and affection are highlighted to analyze the psychic level of subjectivity and lead a reflection on the problem of awareness of subjects who establish a close correlation between their lives and the digital world.

keywords:Awareness; Digital technology; Neurosciences; Philosophy; Subjectivation