Rewards – Creativity Research: Previous Findings and Future Agenda

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Advanced Research in Business, Management and Economics

Year: 2022



Rewards – Creativity Research: Previous Findings and Future Agenda

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdur Rahman Malik, Dr. Fariha Zahid



This paper on Reward and creativity (R-C) relationship consists of three parts, each part providing some unique contributions. First part of the paper is retrospective in nature, based on a systematic review of literature. It reviews the scattered and conflicting research on R-C relationship and identifies specific themes and stages within this research stream. It also identifies the motivation theories that have contributed the most to the R-C research. We suggest that R-C research passed through three distinct stages, i.e., cognitive, behavioral and convergence. These stages are similar to the development of thesis, antithesis and synthesis of a debate. This first part of the paper helps in developing a clear understanding about the phases through which R-C research has evolved. The second part of this paper is forward looking and aims to guide future researchers to explore the unbeaten paths, which will advance our knowledge and benefit the R-C field. In this part, we outline directions for future researchers to advance the R-C debate. These directions can trigger future research that can fill the existing gaps and can develop a holistic understanding of this research stream. Finally, in the third part of this paper, we present a four-factor framework that identifies four categories of variables that are important for the future of R-C research. This part has the potential of becoming the ‘thesis’ stage of the next loop of R-C research. We propose that to advance the R- C research into the next learning loop of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis, and to develop a holistic understanding of R-C field, future researchers need to develop theoretical models by combining elements from all four categories. Overall, the paper summarizes the R-C research, highlights future directions, and also provides a theoretical foundation to embark future R-C research.

keywords: Rewards, Creativity, Review, Motivation.