Artistry “and” or “versus” Industry? Notes on the Economics of a Notable Encounter

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Applied Research in Management, Economics and Accounting

Year: 2022



Artistry “and” or “versus” Industry? Notes on the Economics of a Notable Encounter

Octavian-Dragomir Jora and Mihaela Iacob



The “economic” and “cultural” realms cohabit united by their concern with “value” and “valuation”. Materially moulded and spiritually charged, tangible/tactile and sometimes intangible/unreachable, personally owned and collectively enjoyed, nourished at present and cherished in past/future times, the supply composed of demandable cultural/artistic goods and services will keep on defining and refining human beings as individuals, communities or species. The “economics of culture”, despite inner demurs – such as “pricing of the priceless” or ascribing “production functions” to unique artworks –, is even more at stress when called to foretell how technological shifts will impact human sensibility. Entire categories of professions and business structures get under assail when technologies are in metamorphosis, and the artistic guild was no exception in a series of Industrial Revolutions that has reached its fourth episode. This paper aims at mapping and timelining broad patterns and trends in the interactions of the Industrial Revolutions and the artistic movements, focusing on the visual arts. After etching this retrospective “motion-picture”, a prospective follow-up exercise is made, judging how the very “humaneness” of artistic expression may cope, economically, at the level of cultural/creative sector/industry, with the artificial intelligence, blockchain, quantum computing “4.0 machinery”.

keywords: artistic movement, business model, cultural sector, economic foresight, industrial revolution