Women and Igbo Cultural Tradition: Expanding Igbo Norms by Incorporating Esteemed and Acceptable Values

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on New Findings on Humanities and Social Sciences

Year: 2021

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/6th.hsconf.2021.08.176

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Women and Igbo Cultural Tradition: Expanding Igbo Norms by Incorporating Esteemed and Acceptable Values

Rev. Dr. Jerome Madumelu, Amara Egboh F, Okeworo Chukwuma Gideon



This paper underscores that certain rigid Igbo traditional norms need expansion and incorporated into esteemed and acceptable values. These prestigious values, every other thing being equal, should attract the privilege of active participation by distinguished women in those values socially recognized among the Igbo people. Esteemed values entail welcoming women who carved a niche for themselves in their various institutions, whether formal (established institutions) or informal (self-thought or self-made institutions). This set of women should actively participate in those forbidden Igbo “cultural traditions.” This paper argues that a segment of womenfolk who have distinguished themselves in their various formal and informal sectors should be privileged to perform those cultural functions from which they have been excluded, for centuries. Those cultural traditions include breaking kola nuts and performing new yam festival rites, among others. This paper adopted a thematic style of literature review which was informed by the topic under study. The existing scholarship in the area under investigation revolved around the analysis of gender, discrimination, and comparative studies of gender. It is against this backdrop, and the need to bridge the existing gap that makes this study highly imperative. The research method applied is historical narrative as well as the use of the qualitative method. This study argues on the incorporation of Igbo cultural values in terms of inclusiveness irrespective of social gender construct. Equally, the findings would help to mitigate the spate of women denigration in Igbo Cultural tradition.

Keywords: Discrimination; Distinguished; Gender; Privileged; Participation.