Photographs as a Teaching Tool in EFL

Proceedings of The 5th World Conference on Research in Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Photographs as a Teaching Tool in EFL

Prof. Islam Md. Hashanat, PhD



Teaching English to learners of other languages, in this 21st century, is a big challenge, if we think of traditional approaches of teaching and learning. With progress of technology, teaching also incorporate new techniques and strategies. This paper is focused on how using photographs can make teaching-learning sessions more interesting and learners get the enthusiasm overcoming their fear of joining the English classes in non-English speaking countries like Bangladesh. It helps not only the learners to visualize but also accommodates more positive outcomes through effectively combining words with photos. This study has been conducted with an objective of exploring views and perceptions of the learners towards the role of photographs for improving student’s attention in the classroom. To explore this research study a combined qualitative and quantitative research methodology was applied. Few techniques are suggested and recommendations are made to make the classroom vibrant and ensure better and successful learning outcome.

Keywords: Bangladesh context, EFL classrooms, enthusiastic learning, photographs, teaching techniques .