Last Mile Connectivity:  A scenario of the Indian context

Proceedings of The 5th World Conference on Social Sciences

Year: 2022



Last Mile Connectivity:  A scenario of the Indian context

Abhinanda Chatterjee, Subrata Kr. Paul



The last few decades have witnessed several dynamics in the global transportation scenario like shifting toward a sustainable transport system, implementing integrated land-use transport planning concepts, a strengthened transportation system with stable Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), and a sturdy structure combining Information Technology (IT) and sustainable parameters. Last Mile connectivity (LMC) is a globally acclaimed sustainable measure in urban transportation. It discourses the issues commonly faced in recent times concerning environmental, economic, and social aspects of transit systems. In this paper, the authors have attempted to review various articles and literature documents concerning the global and contextual scenarios to understand the status of LMC in India. Published methodologies by multiple researchers are followed to analyze the literature documents, and subsequently, the descriptions and synthesis are summarized in outlined sections. Thus, this paper aims to understand the policy and implementation approaches for LMC in Indian cities and analyze the impact on the current transportation scenario. Finally, it outlines the status of LMC and briefly promotes the future scope toward building a sustainable environment holistically.

keywords: Last Mile Connectivity (LMC), Indian cities, transportation, urban, Mass Rapid Transit Systems (MRTS)