The Concept of Femvertising as an Innovative Advertising Attractive

Proceedings of The 5th World Conference on Social Sciences

Year: 2022



The Concept of Femvertising as an Innovative Advertising Attractive




The concept of femvertising expresses an advertising understanding that highlights women’s talents, focuses advertising themes on pro-women messages, and opposes stereotypes in advertisements featuring women. Although this advertising narrative, which involves challenging this situation instead of reproducing stereotypical representations of women, has become increasingly common, there are few studies in the literature on this subject. Additionally, the concept of Femvertising, which started to be talked about in 2014, expands its scope in advertising practices as an advertising attraction. This approach, which takes its origins from feminist ideology, paves the way for the questioning and re-evaluation of social stereotypes against women, but is criticized by various segments, especially feminists. Femvertising continues the capitalist pressure on the female body through advertisements and expand the social roles and responsibilities of women by adding new ones. In this study, the concept of ‘femvertising’, is discussed qualitatively with its practices. The study focuses on the advertisements of an international jewelry company that produces handmade jewelry with the case study technique. This study, which aims to develop a new perspective on femvertising ads through content and ideology dimensions, is among the pioneering studies in terms of the literature on which it is based. In addition, future research aiming to measure the effects of femvertising as an advertising attraction on consumer perception, brand image and purchase intention aims to be a guide.

keywords: Advertising, Feminism, Femvertising, Gender, Stereotypes