Volunteer Work in Rural Communities

Proceedings of The 5th World Conference on Social Sciences

Year: 2022



Volunteer Work in Rural Communities

Nehal alsultan, Jehan lardhi



This research aims to identify volunteer work in the rural community, the research question was “What is the impact of volunteer work on improving the quality of life for the rural community?”
The sample of the research included Saudi rural youth in the regions of Huraymila, Asir, and Al-Sulayil,  with their total being 450 youth. The results indicated: The need to activate the role of social work in rural communities to demonstrate its importance through acquiring new skills and experiences that support their society and This is what was agreed upon by the views of the sample by 95% , and the results of the study also indicated that the lack of transportation is an obstacle that led to the lack of participation of rural youth in voluntary work, The study recommended conducting organized studies and scientific research to define the concept of voluntary work among rural families and to allow the rural youth to present new ideas that work on the development of their society.

keywords: rural volunteering, rural communities, rural youth