Aspects Regarding the Fight against Fraud at the European Level

Proceedings of The 5th World Conference on Social Sciences

Year: 2022



Aspects Regarding the Fight against Fraud at the European Level

Dr. Mihaela AGHENIȚEI, Dr. Mădălina BELDIMANb



In A Complex, Dynamic And Conflictual Global World, Strongly Affected By The Economic And Financial Crisis, The Safety Of Citizens And Public Order Are Fundamental Objectives Of The Authorities In Our Country. They Have As Their Reference The Field Of The Fundamental Human Rights, The Constitutional Order And They Are Carried Out In The Context Of Active Participation In The European Construction, Euro-Atlantic Cooperation, And Global Developments.
As A Member State Of The European Union And The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Romania Is Part Of An Area Of Freedom, Security, And Justice, Based On Common Values, Interests And Objectives, On The Principles And Norms Of Democracy, The Rule Of Law And The Characteristics Of The Market Economy. The Right To Free Movement Of Capital, Goods, Services And People In The European Union Space, The Opportunities Offered By Economic Globalization And Current Modern Technologies, Have Created New Breaks For The Criminal Environment To Expand Its Fields And Range Of Action, Acquiring A Cross-Border Character Better Organized And Internationalized.

keywords: security, justice, rule of law, democracy, financial crisis