Multicultural and Interdisciplinary Higher Music Education practices

Proceedings of The 5th World Conference on Research in Education

Year: 2022



Multicultural and Interdisciplinary Higher Music Education practices

Dr. Ronel De Villiers



Transformational changes have swept across the South African Higher Education Institutional landscape in the post-apartheid era. Teacher Education are generally oriented towards discipline-based programmes and therefore student teachers often accumulate fragmented knowledge, disconnected from real life practices. The hypothesis still stands that Music Education (MusEd) offers a highway to develop a more appropriate integrated education. This stems from various cultural traditions, interdisciplinary models, and integrated curricula.  Teacher training programmes benefit when MusEd lecturers embrace and apply the principles of multiculturalism to their own programmes. Consequently, this research endeavour is determining which key elements are needed for an integrative multicultural multidisciplinary teacher education curriculum. The research continuously explore the various push and pull forces (contextual, institutional, biographical and programmatic) that influence Higher Education practices and programme content in the preparation of MusEd student teachers. The perspectives of MusEd lecturers are examined on various hybrid teaching and learning methods and practical activities. The research question is: How are the challenges (pushing forces) and opportunities (pulling forces) incorporated by teacher educators to develop a multicultural interdisciplinarity teacher training framework for MusEd? African as well as global perspectives are integrated as this creates innovative research that is theoretical, conceptual and practical in nature. The aim of the research is therefor to present a developmental outline towards a Higher Music Education bouquet that contributes meaningfully to the national and international scholarly education landscape.

keywords: forces, hybrid, teaching and learning, curriculum .