The Forgotten Women’s History: Women Writers of the 27th Generation in Spain

Proceedings of The 5th Global Conference on Women’s Studies

Year: 2023



The Forgotten Women’s History: Women Writers of the 27th Generation in Spain

Feixiang Liu



This study focuses on the women writers of 27th Generation of Spain, also known as “las sinsombreros” who made significant contributions to gender equality and literature. Despite their outstanding achievements, they were overshadowed by the fame of male writers of the same period until recently when their value was rediscovered. This research emphasizes the historical context in which these writers emerged—a time of the beginning of feminism in Spain, marked by the establishment of influential institutions such as “la residencia de señoritas” and the “Lyceum Club”, which fostered the growth and exchange of ideas among women writers. Going beyond themes of female consciousness and female rights, their works encompass a wide range of literary genres, including drama, poetry, novels, and even film scripts.
Among the numerous outstanding women writers, we have selected three individuals for comparative analysis: Carmen Conde (1907-1996), Concha Méndez (1898-1986), and Luisa Carnés (1905-1964). Their diverse works and rich content exemplify the literary characteristics of women writers of the 27th Generation. Understanding their contributions is crucial in recognizing their vital role in shaping contemporary Spanish literature and promoting women’s rights.

keywords: female literature, feminism, las sinsombreros, Lyceum Club, Spanish literature