Bricolising retired teachers in South Africa: Challenges and Opportunities

Proceedings of The 5th International Academic Conference on Teaching, Learning and Education

Year: 2022



Bricolising retired teachers in South Africa: Challenges and Opportunities

Dube Bekithemba, Okeke Chinedu



This paper interrogates the challenges and opportunities for re-engaging retired teachers into the mainstream curriculum practices in South Africa. Over the years, some rural schools have experienced poor performance and yet there are retired teachers in their locality that can mitigate the challenge. The paper used bricolage as a theoretical lens based on its emphasis on the use of available resources to address ambivalence at hand. The qualitative paper responds to two questions; what are challenges in integration of retired teachers and how could retired teachers assist to mitigate poor performance? The finding of the paper is that while many retired teachers are still active and can assist in mentoring, teaching and learning, there is no policy framework to guide their re-engagement. In light of the findings, the paper argues that South Africa should tap into best practices of re-engagement with retired teachers through formulation of policy framework that ensures the lived experiences of retired teachers are not wasted but harvested to address various trajectories such as poor performance.

Keywords: retired teachers, bricolage, policy framework, South Africa, re-engagement.