Drying of Apricot with Solar Energy in Cabin Type Dryers

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Modern Approaches in Science, Technology & Engineering

Year: 2019

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/5th-ste.2019.08.445

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Drying of Apricot with Solar Energy in Cabin Type Dryers

Harun Kemal OZTURK and Hande MUTLU OZTURK



One of the most important techniques for the safe storage of foods is drying. For this purpose, different drying methods were developed and used in food preservation. In long term storage, the main purpose of drying applied to foodstuffs is to prevent spoilage. Thus, the moisture of the product is reduced and microbial growth can be prevented. When the volume of the product decreases with the drying process, the efficiency in transporting and storing the food increases. The simplest method of drying with solar energy is to spread the agricultural products to the exhibition places and dry them outdoors. In this study, a cabinet type dryer was designed and apricot dried in this dryer. The drying process was carried out in the cabinet and spread to the sun. The results of the experimental studies with both drying methods were compared. Drying control was done by weighing the samples for a certain period of time. The control of the air circulating in the cabinets is determined by the relative humidity and temperature values measured every five minutes. In the study, it was shown that drying in the cabinet was much faster than spreading drying.

Keywords: Agricultural; apricot; drying; microbial growth; solar energy.