Aligning Creative Thinking Skills with Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) in Primary Levels

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Research in Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Aligning Creative Thinking Skills with Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) in Primary Levels

Melda Catarina, M.Pd., Marbert Lie, S.E.



In this era, creative thinking skills are essential for developing students’ capabilities. Through media, tools, and technology, students are able to create, develop, then implement their ideas into something real. Being creative also challenges students to have different perspectives in their own ways. Being thinkers and inquirers is what the students are trying to be. Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) as a model of learning can help students to understand the concepts which allow the construction of knowledge and development of understanding in order to apply the concepts on a daily basis. Students construct their own knowledge, build confidence, analyze possible choices, and make decisions. Students can think more creatively and adapt to the changes by using media and technology. They take the opportunities to get out of their “comfort zones” and think differently. In this study, the research methodology used is qualitative research with triangulation collected through interviews, observations, documents, and reflections. Creative thinking skills, together with the IBL model, help students to engage more in the learning process. As a result, students showed creative thinking skills by using the IBL model. Finally, this study is also aimed to share ideas and recommendations with teachers and educators to implement IBL and develop students’ creative thinking skills in the classroom.

keywords: creative thinking, Inquiry-Based Learning, concepts, challenges.