Mother’s Digital Purchase Behaviour of Newborn Products

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2022



Mother’s Digital Purchase Behaviour of Newborn Products

Iris Gertner Moryossef



Motherhood for the first time, considered to be, a very significant change in the life cycle of the mother which affects her role definition from an individualistic woman to a mother with a high level of anxiety buying baby products affects the mother’s definition and, among other things, determines her public self-perception. What products to buy for a baby? Will my buying behavior now be different from what I used to be? These questions and more play a significant role in the online decision-making process of the new mother from the data collecting stage through the evaluation of alternatives to the actual buying stage.

The aims of the journal are to identify the online consumption of new mothers in terms of collecting data and purchase decision

  1. Identify significant parameters that influence online decision-making.
  2. Identify the online buying motives of veteran mothers.
  3. Identify the sources of information that affect online buying.

Online questionnaires were sent to women who gave birth in the past year in a public birth in a public hospital in Israel. Interviewees were asked about their buying habits for baby products including durable and nondurable products, crib, or. Data collection was a “snowball” study. 135 complete questionnaires were received.

 The main purpose of digital consumption among new mothers is data collection of what’s new in baby’s products (80%), Purchase of baby clothing (50%) or strollers (20%) Buy at least twice a year (60%)

Main reasons for baby’s products online purchasing: Discounted price, Product availability, Time savings (67%, 60%, and 50% of women respectively)

Maternal satisfaction from online shopping depends on meeting expectations, fair price; return options (50%, 42%, 40% respectively) online consumption has increased due to covid-19 and become one of the most central consumptions.  Considerable shopping behavior and the internet is major sources of information.

keywords: Online consumption, Motherhood, Digital Consumer Behavior, Marketing Methods .