Japanese service industry innovations for the growing demand of tourism

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Opportunities and Challenges in Management, Economics and Accounting

Year: 2019


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Japanese service industry innovations for the growing demand of tourism

Rodolfo Delgado



Japan has rapidly improved access to WIFI in the service industry across the country; this represents a competitive advantage for hotels, restaurants and coffee shops because international customers will be able to communicate locally and internationally with friends and family members. Meanwhile, it could represent a problem for the service industry in the urban areas because if customers get busy using their cell phones, they would stay for a long time in the establishment and reduce the access to other customers wanting to experience the services of these businesses. Companies can boost the competitiveness of their organization by improving the management strategies and the quality of service it can offer. ( Porter, 1990).Some restaurants and coffee shops in Japan have a system known as “stay as long as you want”. Therefore, some customers use these places as offices and study rooms; they bring computers and cell phones to work and study for hours and other customers that would like to enjoy a cup of coffee and/or a meal will need to wait for a long time or go somewhere else, which represents a potential profit loss for many businesses. This research was based on qualitative research analysis to study the culture and service experience in the several businesses in Japan.The service industry’s companies need to manage the time allowed for local and international customers to stay at a given time at the establishments to maintain a sustainable circulation and flow of customers coming and leaving the restaurants and coffee shops. Therefore, innovating the service industry by keeping an allowed time in the businesses, will facilitate profitable growth and customer satisfaction.

Keywords: Industry, Competitive, Advantage, Innovating, Japan.