Effective Methods of Communication within a Multidisciplinary Design Studio

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on New Trends in Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Effective Methods of Communication within a Multidisciplinary Design Studio

Matthew Holmes-Dallimore, Liam Colquhoun



Art and design disciplines have historically been siloed into individual areas of learning. However, the design industry is evolving into an ever more multi- and inter-disciplinary field. As a consequence, over a number of years, this Junior-level Interior Design course has developed various collaborations with industry partners, international universities, and inter-departmental collaborations. Most recently, Interior Design and Graphic Design students have worked in teams to create and develop a brand in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional form.  Effective communication within each team has proven to be key to successful project outcomes. Students that communicate regularly, and respectfully, are more likely to produce successful outcomes. Additionally, faculty are able to monitor and interact more effectively with teams that are more forthcoming with their process.
Facilitating effective communication platforms has challenged faculty to innovate with different approaches and methods.
This proposal focuses on these various methods, and evaluates their relative successes and failures. Examples of multidisciplinary projects will be illustrated, and their comparative successes and failures examined.

keywords: pedagogy, interdisciplinary, teamwork, technology, collaboration.