Indonesian Teachers’ Perceptions towards Blended Learning

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on New Trends in Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Indonesian Teachers’ Perceptions towards Blended Learning

May Willyana



Blended learning combines two learning environments: traditional or face-to-face and online meetings. Over the past years, blended learning has been snowballing as a popular methodology to be implemented in the classroom. Despite its fame, there have been few studies on implementing blended learning in English Language Teaching, especially in higher education. This present study aims at investigating the teachers’ perceptions of blended learning in terms of its benefits and challenges. The interview was used to examine the perspectives of three Indonesian lecturers toward teaching English using blended learning in higher education. The finding shows that the teachers perceive the benefits of blended learning, including flexibility, interaction, student engagement, and teacher improvement in the blended learning environment. Regardless, several challenges are experienced by the teachers, such as problems with professional development support, technology, and materials. The result suggests that lecturers should undergo training for the betterment of how they conduct the classroom in the blended model.

keywords: blended learning, ELT, higher education, methodology, teachers perspectives.