Ethical Education System

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on New Trends in Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Ethical Education System

Amaal Aakifah Varatharajan



Education system is to impart skill, through proper knowledge and training. This must support them to survive when they reach adulthood. In real-time, education is influenced by several other factors. That keeps the mankind to get into a never-ending circle of knowledge bannered loop, depending on the diversities.
Ethical Education System is to impart skills required to survive. Certifying through required training based on the geographical, social and professional requirements besides in martial arts and inborn talents by the time they reach 18 years. This helps them to chase their dreams by taking care of their needs through the certified skills as part time or full-time income source. This in turn push towards national progress, assuring per capita income > 0, for income of the nation with respect to every single individual on or beyond 18 years or completion of Higher Secondary (or equivalent) whichever is minimal.
With an effective reference to the Human Rights Council resolution 21/11 under “ III. Foundational principles” of “B. Equal enjoyment of all human rights by persons living in extreme poverty”, as per the twenty-first session of Human Rights Council – Agenda item 3 of United Nation – General Assembly.

keywords: Ethics, employment, skill, certified, income.