Support lessons with the use of supplemental material for improved learning outcomes in German (Level A1/A2)

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on New Trends in Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Support lessons with the use of supplemental material for improved learning outcomes in German (Level A1/A2)

Dr. Christina Valavani



This presentation focuses on exercise typology, with no use of the Internet, videos or mouse clicks, intended for the blackboards (projection) and is greatly applicationoriented. Specifically, it pertains to tasks suitable for elementary schools and simple forms of exercises in their majority,. as participants use only  their pencils to solvethem. Some important advantages of these exercises are that they need almost no preparation and they are tasks independent of textbooks.
Methods offering all children the opportunity for developmental progress  regarding perception, motor skills, concentration, language, and emotionality are included in these exercises. The participants hardly lose interest in the lessons as they move around the room, write, read, and communicate with each other (even participants with special needs can be successfully included).
Assignments are solved both individually and in small groups, which leads to learning autonomy while at the same time it enables cooperative learning.  It also boosts their self-confidence and promotes independent work. This is a way to adopt positivity and become more aware of the impact of the vocabulary or grammar.

The focus in the design of the exercises was put on the following features:

  • Simple, simple, simple
  • Individual promotion
  • Learning through movement in space
  • Speaking, writing, reading, hearing, listening, communicating
  • Colors, games, non-moving pictures
  • Pedagogical support
  • Role of awareness and attention in language acquisition
  • No additional material necessary /only pen for the children and a projector for the teacher, sometimes a ball/
  • Promotion of verbal language skills
  • Plenty of exercises and games
  • Form-focused attention control
  • Reaching higher levels of competence

Every child can benefit equally from supplemental material teaching, as an interaction based on the needs and interests of the children, with a view to learning, repeating and playing in a simple way in the class is realized.  In this way, you have satisfied learners while creating a positive attitude towards foreign language teaching at the same time.  We encourage children to take risks in a safe learning environment. These methods apply to learners at levels A1 and A2.

keywords: German as a foreign language, learning through movement, Level A1/A2, awareness in L2 .