Is There a Human Capital Effect on Real Estate?

Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on New Ideas in Management, Economics and Accounting

Year: 2018


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Is There a Human Capital Effect on Real Estate?

Stefania-Cristina Curea , Lucian Aron Belașcu



Sustainable development represents an important goal for emerging economies. The main engine for this development is innovation, which is generated by human capital accumulation. For the real estate industry the growing importance of human capital and the war to preserve and attract the most talented people, the kind of people able to drive innovation, growth and economic success in a global economy, are essential to developing the type of assets that are capable to attract the best tenants and to offer the highest return on investment Real estate strategies focused on recruiting and retaining talent are also contributing to significant changes in real estate market fundamentals and these changes could have profound implications for where and how people work for a generation.The purpose of this paper is to explore how human capital is affecting Romania’s real estate sector. Our hypothesis is that there are structural changes in how current real estate buildings are being developed in order to be correlated with current expectations and needs from the new generation of employees.

Keywords: Human capital, real estate market, employee generation, workplace, Romania.