Critical Discourse Analysis of Eighth Grade Sindhi Text Book

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Social sciences, Humanities and Education

Year: 2021


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Critical Discourse Analysis of Eighth Grade Sindhi Text Book

Tahreem Akhter, Bilquis Abro, Dr. Illahi Bux Gopang



The research focuses on the analysis of critical discourse imported in Sindhi language Eighth class book of Sindh text Board. The study shows that the content and format of school text books are sites of educational and political conflicts. The study builds a critique on information and its treatment on that information in the text books to establish ideological stand of the state. In doing so, the outcomes are critic al on material of textbooks carry and the impact on building social discourse of such curriculum. The research argues s that text books support the ideologies of hegemonic class and students are taught with the discourse which is prescribed by some powerful groups to maintain status quo. The researcher’s awareness for the indicated ideologies and discourse are examined with the help Norman Fairclough model of ‘Text Analysis’ (Fairclough: 1989). He claims: ‘ideologies reside in texts’ and ‘texts are open to diverse interpretations.

Keywords: Discourse, Discourse Analysis, CDA (Critical discourse analysis), Text and ideology.