Analysis Expenditure of Low-Income Families

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Modern Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2022



Analysis Expenditure of Low-Income Families

Mgr. Martin Gál, PhD., Prof. Mgr. Jana Levická



This thesis is based on the theoretical concept of environmental justice connected with issues of social justice and conditions of the environment and the right to an adequate quality of life. Low-income families are one of the most vulnerable groups in the population, where they can often be exposed to environmental risks, socio-economic inequalities and also the risk of social exclusion. The aim of the thesis is to present our research findings focused on the analysis of expenditure of low-income families. The research was implemented in a quantitative design using a questionnaire method. The research group consisted of 291 respondents, 207 were women and 84 men. Our research confirmed that the structure of expenditure of low-income families is influenced by the location in which the respondents live. The research confirmed a declining trend in the structure of expenditures on individual family members depending on the total number of family members. Together, this finding confirmed that equivalent disposable income is definitely the best indicator of family living standards.

keywords: environmental justice, social justice, low-income families quantitative design, expenditure.