Women and Environment – A Story from Bengal

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Modern Approaches in Humanities and Social sciences

Year: 2022



Women and Environment – A Story from Bengal

Mahima Ghosh Hazra



This essay draws a parallel between the abuse of the women in the society and the exploitation of the environment through story telling. In the backdrop of beautiful and fertile rural India, the author hears the tragic story of a village girl’s experience with abuse – a story is unfortunately all too common for the millions of other young girls in rural India who are denied of their childhood. It had been shown that economic opportunities can certainly avert tragedies like abuse and violence against women, and many industrial developments are indeed taking place in rural villages. However, the benefits of economic development are not equally distributed; economic opportunities for the women are still limited, and industrialism often comes at the expense of the environment.This essay serves as an example how the society that endorses the exploitation of the environment in the name of economic development simultaneously promotes violence against women and children. This work is towards a holistic and harmonious world that will bring the necessary balance to sustain life more exuberantly.

keywords: Feminism, Environment, Economy, Exploitation, Gender.